FREE Shipping on all products!We purchase the original Siberian Chaga Extract directly from the manufacturer in Russia, thus eliminating intermediaries and passing on the savings to our customers. Siberian Chaga is 100% natural, harvested in the wild, safe and effective. Containing over 215 phytonutrients, Chaga has 25 to 50 times more SOD antioxidants than Agarigus, CoQ 10 , vitamin C and wild blueberries, and is rated amongst the highest in the antioxidant scale of measurement. Siberian Chaga contains an abundance of beta glucans, saponins, amino acids, belulinic acid, natural minerals and is formulated in the revolutionary "Structured Water". Siberian Chaga is completely soluble in hot and cold water, tea, coffee, juices, milk, soup and beverages of any kind. There are 40 years of research and 1400 clinical and scientific research publications supporting medicinal mushrooms as an alternative to over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications. Chaga is approved as a natural food supplement. Documented as early as 4600 years ago, ancient Asian folk medicine practitioners relied upon Chaga, a medicinal mushroom, to maintain a healthy life energy balance ("Chi"), preserve youth, promote longevity, and boost the body's immune system to fight viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic maladies.