According to the US Department of Agriculture, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) account for more than 90% of the crops that are grown by American farmers. And while the debate over whether GMOs are harmless or not rages on, we here at Earthborn Products opt on the side of nature in producing our Chaga siberiana. Our Chaga medicinal formula is meant to aid the body without adding unnatural processes, that may impair health. This is why we choose no GMO.

What Is a GMO Anyway?

Genetically modified organisms are genetically modified (GM) organisms that have had their genomes changed. They are not found in nature and have had their DNA modified by scientists. Scientists do this for a variety of reasons such as to strengthen an organism’s resistance to disease, to cause it to be more productive, to increase its size, etc. Over the last several decades consumers have become more and more aware of these genetically engineered food products and have – rightly we feel – demanded that manufacturers label foods produced that are made this way.

Genetically modified food – The Bad News

We’ve explained what gains scientist believe can be gotten from genetically altering organisms. Here are the cons. Consider these points.

  • Potential for Allergic Reactions: Genetic engineering produces new proteins some of which could cause an allergic response to threats that have never before existed. In fact, a 2013 study by the Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine bares his theory out. There is even some evidence to suggest that GMOs account for a rise in food related allergies among US
  • Negative Impact on the Environment: As genetically engineered organisms become more tolerant of insecticides and pesticides it may cause some crops to grow out of control.
  • Risk of Toxicity: The introduction of organisms that have never existed before in nature increases the chances of developing tumors, such as in the lungs, breasts or colon. Again, this theory has been supported by a 2013 study in the Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine.
  • One Research Paper Connects GMOs to Cancer Formation: One study linked cancer formation in rats to their feeding from a genetically altered crop.

So, while the debate rages on about whether or not GMO foods products are healthy or harmful, we continue to trust the power of nature and naturally produced compounds such as our Siberian Chaga. Chaga has been produced and consumed for many centuries and has yielded many healthy benefits without the intervention of GMOs.