Buy Natural Medicinal Chaga Extract and Colloidal Silver Products

Increasingly, people all over the world are turning to traditional types of herbs and plants as a healthier and more natural option to pharmaceutical prescription medications. Working with the top Siberian Chaga Mushroom supplier, we focus on bringing superior quality healthy products to our customers.

At Earthborn Products, we provide a variety of health and wellness products that utilize the best ingredient sources from their optimal growth locations. Our natural Chaga supplements use hand-harvested Siberian Chaga Mushrooms to provide the optimal potency levels for our natural medicinal Chaga Mushroom products.

We offer a superior Siberian Chaga Extract, which has been used for centuries for a variety of conditions, including immunity support. We work together with the best Siberian Chaga Mushroom supplier to provide our customers with the highest and best quality of natural options to achieve the most Chaga health benefits.

For those interested in the highest quality in Siberian Chaga Mushroom extract and Monatomic Colloidal Silver, Earthborn Products offers several different options to consider.

Our Chaga mushroom extract comes directly from our supplier in Russia and is 100% hand-harvested from wild growth on black Birch Trees. The Siberian Chaga is superior in its makeup of phytonutrients. It is rated as one of the highest natural food product from nature for its antioxidant properties. The Siberian Chaga liquid extract from Earthborn Products can be combined with any type of liquid, either hot or cold, making it easy to consume on a daily basis.

The Colloidal Silver products we offer are the highest and best quality of electrically produced Colloidal Silver available. The 99.999% pure Silver is reduced to the finest possible particle size and mixed with pure Distilled water, creating a crystal clear transparency that indicates the quality of the product. We offer our customers the option to choose from a range of product sizes. This includes smaller 2-ounce dropper bottles to our 1 Gallon Colloidal Silver size.

We recommend taking this natural product twice per day for the first week, and then decreasing to once per day for optimal immune support. During this period, you will begin to notice the Monatomic Silver benefits, including a possible boost to the immune system.

Our Monatomic Colloidal Silver is easy to absorb into the body and has no side-effects. The Colloidal Silver benefits in the body include a potential reduction in harmful bacteria and viruses as well as faster healing of injuries to the body.

How much Siberian Chaga Extract to consume on a daily basis?

As with any type of herbal or natural supplement, consult with your medical doctor if you have any health conditions, are pregnant, breastfeeding or plan to become pregnant, or if you are on any type of medications.

How does Colloidal Silver work?

Colloidal silver acts to absorb oxygen and trigger oxidation in the body. This removes negatively charged ions, deactivating these ions without any change in the cellular structure.